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What courses needed for molecular biology grad school?

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    Hi, I'm an applied math major who wants to go to grad school for molecular biology. In my plan, I have included:
    • Intro to cell biology & lab
    • Intro to genetics
    • Intro to microbiology
    • molecular biology & lab
    • advanced cell biology
    • bioinformatics
    • biological sequence analysis
    • intro to biochemistry
    • intro to organic chemistry
    I was wondering if those courses are enough.
    Also, how important is research experience? I don't think I can get one while in undergrad, but I am not shooting for top schools either.
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    Really these are questions for the graduate schools that you're interested in attending. I don't have much experience with molecular biology programs, but I highly suspect they are primarily interested in students that have degrees in molecular biology, much in the same way physics gradaute schools are primarily interest in students with undergraduate degrees in physics.

    Why not check out a few gradaute programs the seem appealing to you and ask them what they need you to have in order to be considered for admission.

    Generally with respect to reseach some kind of experience helps, but it's not manditory. (My experience is with physics, but again, I suspect it's the same in biology). Remember that a senior thesis project can count in this respect. So could a volunteer position or a summer job. The big factor that comes with research experience is that it gives your references something to say about you. If you haven't done this, then you might need to have something else they can draw on - success in a reading course perhaps.
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    Thanks, I'll try to contact them directly.
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    What about physical chemistry, I think that should be relevant as well.
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    I don't think you need all of those classes to get in. Research experience is supposed to be really important and you can get it in grad school. I'm trying to do biology grad school as well.
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