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Homework Help: Qestion regarding independent study

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    qestion regarding independent study!!!

    Hi everybody!
    Next semester i am taking the university physics 203 along with linear algebra and differential equation. In the physic class we are studying basic optics, thermodynamics, waves, introductory relativity, and basic modern physics. Although i am in community college, for spring semester they offer a direct study class, under which i can do some independent study.
    My main question is on what topic can i do some project? Can you please suggest me some nice topics under which i can do a research of my level? i want something interesting and a step beyond my class level so that my effort will be worth.
    thank you all for your time
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    A diffraction project? Young's Double slit etc...

    If you have the equipment at the college, is i am sure you do, a diffraction project is interesting and will help you in modern optic. In investigate interaction of light (from laser is normally best) and note what changes depending on the separation of the two or more light sources, consider distance to the screen in which you are shining the image onto, bingo, a well defined and understood topic with loads of reading you do. This will probably be covered in class, but is good to fully understand the concepts. Physics should be more about doing, less about maths.

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    Thank you
    my college is a small community college located in losangeles are, so i am not sure what kind of instrument do they need, so that i can talk with the department.
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    Well you only need a laser and some kind of diffraction patterns to do this investigation. Diffraction patterns are usually a set of slides and you place in front of the laser at certain distance.
    Check out here to see if this is the kind of project you like the look of:

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