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QFT, QED for condensed matter physics

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    I don't have the time now to study QFT in depth but I need some basic knowledge about QED and quantum forces (like casimir). I want to study the role of casimir force to solid state devices (photonic and plasmonic devices).

    Which part of QFT is needed to study for now and which books are going to help me for this purpose?

    I am an undergraduate (advanced courses taken: quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, statistical mechanics and solid state physics). I work on plasmonics and photonic crystals.
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    Can't you enroll in a QFT class or just sit in the lectures? You could try Gauge Theories in Particle Physics by Aitchison. That book is more elementary than the standard Peskin text in QFT. You might want to find text specifically for solid states physics though.

    My suggestion is to just go the the library and search for QFT texts. There are bound to be some that fits your needs.
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