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QG student colloquium in London

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    the colloquium was organized by f-h
    and well reported by Alejandro Satz.
    there were four talks and a lot of lively discussion

    Among the PhD students came from other places in Europe besides the UK
    was Eugenio Bianchi (marseille) who gave a talk about *perturbative Regge calculus and LQG*
    F-h gave a talk on *partial observables*. I don't think there is any "problem of time" in QG now
    because relational observables seems to take care of it. There was discussion of this and related
    issues in the open discussion that followed the talks.

    It seems like a good idea to have a *students only* symposium because you can say whatever
    and ask whatever (not stepping on any senior toes) and you get to interact directly with people
    you might collaborate with later. I imagine the general ambiance at Perimeter might have some of that
    free-for-all scramble happening on any given day. There seems to be a lot of creativity on the loose
    amongst the QG PhD-student crowd. This post at realityconditions blog by Alejandro Satz gives
    a glimpse of it---in the Nottingham+London Imperial context.
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