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Courses Quantum Computing courses

  1. Feb 11, 2017 #1
    I’m currently an Undergraduate Computer Engineer at UIC and minoring in physics. I have become more and more interested in Quantum Computing and its related fields. I plan on continuing my masters in Electrical engineering and taking graduate level physics classes at the same time.

    I was wondering if you could help me out in choosing the right classes for quantum computing. I will have the course graduate catalog for the physics department and both the undergraduate and graduate course catalog from the ECE department below.

    I am a standing senior so you can start looking at the 300 level or higher classes for the ECE catalog.

    ECE Department Undergraduate course catalog: http://catalog.uic.edu/ucat/course-descriptions/ece/
    ECE Department Graduate course catalog: http://catalog.uic.edu/gcat/course-descriptions/ece/

    Physics Graduate course catalog: http://catalog.uic.edu/gcat/colleges-schools/liberal-arts-sciences/phys/#courseinventory

    Thank you for your time and help
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    First, If you really want to work on quantum computing, you're going to need a PhD. So instead of pursing a masters first, I would go straight to looking into engineering doctorate programs. It's still very much an academic pursuit at this point.

    Second, unless you feel really confident, I wouldn't recommend someone with only an engineering background taking graduate physics courses without doing any upper division physics coursework. That's just setting yourself up for failure.

    Third, you don't say exactly what you want to do related to quantum computing. Algorithms? Filter design? Whatever? It's a big ol' multidisciplinary area with many working sub parts. Honestly, I would speak with your adviser. Not being an engineer myself, I would recommend any of the filter design courses or the random/probability for engineers course. Are any engineers at UIC working on quantum computing? You should try to get their input too and express your interest in the field.
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    I 100% backing up this view
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