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Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Computing

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    Hello All,
    I've just recently read David Deutsch and Michael Lockwood article about Time Travel of 1994 in Scientific American.They stated,that although among the physicists Everett's theory remains controversial,it has no alternatives in Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Computing.Is it really true?Perhaps this post should go under Cosmology section, but I decided to put it here. Thanks for the responses.
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    Everett had an interpretation, not a theory. There are plenty of alternative interpretations.

    The difference is that no one has yet to figure out an experiment that has any chance of discriminating between interpretations. So believe whichever interpretation you like.
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    Yes,I understand that,my question is specific about Everett regarding Quantum Cosmology and Computation
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    OK, but I believe that interpretations can't be distinguished in any context. So IMO context doesn't matter. Perhaps I don't understand your question.
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    My question is: ok,Everett's interpretation is considered controversial among physicists,but - prevailing among people who engage in Quantum Cocmology/Quantum Computing,according to Deutsch/Lockwood(1994).My question is - is it really true that Everett has no alternatives in Quantum Cosmology/Quantum Computing?
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    No, that is not true.
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    I also had gut feeling that it is not...
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