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Quantum efficiency as a function of wavelength

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    I'm trying to reproduce the plot in the attached figure. I know the band-gap energies, so I was hoping there was some simple way I could get the quantum efficiency as a function of wavelength. I read on wiki that Energy(eV) = 1240/wavelength(nm), so I mechanically plugged those in, and got

    GaInP (Eg=1.85eV): 670 nm
    GaAs (Eg=1.42eV): 873 nm
    Ge (Eg=0.67eV): 1851 nm

    Other than that the respective wavelengths came out in the right order, it didn't really help all that much. Is there some magical quantum mechanical formula I could drink in order to make that plot?


    EDIT: I should probably have posted this in the QM sub-forum. My apologies.
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    E=[itex]\frac{h\ =\ 4.135\ \times\ 10^{-15}\ eV\ s\\times\ 3\ \times\ 10^{17}\nm}{\lambda}[/itex]
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