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Quantum electronics/communication project ideas

  1. May 18, 2012 #1
    I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering.
    I intend to apply for grad school in physics after my undergrad.

    We are starting off with minor projects From next semester, and i would like to work on something that has a strong overlap between physics and electronics/communication.

    Quantum physics seems to have a huge overlap with electronics through semiconductor physics.

    But i can't figure out the specific problems i could work on.

    Im looking for some ideas which are primarily theoretical in nature because i am not really interested in lab work. Simulation would be fine.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    One simple (well, really too simple) project is measuring Planck's constant from the slope of the line of LED voltages plotted vs. wavelengths - that's more a high-school lab than a grad school deal, though. A more theoretical investigation might be to explore some aspect of applications of polarization - well trodden ground, but very instructive. If you want something harder and more current, meta-materials, especially negative refractive index arrays might be a good area. Anything to do with the newer carbon allotropes (bucky-stuff, graphene) is fertile, too. More math/communication oriented is compressed sensing, perhaps you can tie in some quantum information theory.

    I found some interesting analogies between analog filters and quantum mechanics, too. Here's a writeup:
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