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Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints. This information is usually described in project documentation, created at the beginning of the development process. The primary constraints are scope, time, budget. The secondary challenge is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and apply them to meet pre-defined objectives.
The objective of project management is to produce a complete project which complies with the client's objectives. In many cases the objective of project management is also to shape or reform the client's brief to feasibly address the client's objectives. Once the client's objectives are clearly established they should influence all decisions made by other people involved in the project – for example project managers, designers, contractors and sub-contractors. Ill-defined or too tightly prescribed project management objectives are detrimental to decision making.
A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service, or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or staffing) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual (or operations), which are repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of such distinct production approaches requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.

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  1. vaibhavvenkat

    I Highschooler looking for math research/projects

    Hi, I am in Highschool and I am interested in pursuing mathematics as a career. I am particularly interested in doing some math research/projects (even if simple) to boost my maturity of the subject. How would I go about doing research/projects? Are there any good ideas? Math background: -...
  2. D

    Misc. DIY 'ECG' Machine: Testing Feasibility of Wave Transference

    I'm trying to make a DIY 'ECG' machine, except that it'll only record heartbeats on a piece of paper. Basically the piece of paper will be wound round a cylinder like object, which will be being spun slowly by a motor. A pencil at the end of a stick or something will be writing to this piece of...
  3. Someon332

    Schools What are some good science fair project ideas or resources?

    I am currently a sophomore in HS, and I have a science fair project next year. I want to do something interesting- I don't want to put in barely any effort and do something that everyone has done, like 'growing plants in different light levels'. I would ideally like to do something with...
  4. E

    Final year raytracer project ideas

    Hi there. I am about to enter my final year of a computer science bachelor degree and must do a final year project that spans most of the academic year. I have some experience on the artistic side of computer graphics but none in the computer science side. I would be interested in developing...
  5. Vittorio34

    AI project ideas, using Arduino or Raspberry

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school student and I'm looking for ideas. My teacher wants us to realize something that is useful for the society and that is INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE(not the common things you do with AI). He would like us to realize something that is "Touchable", like a model or a...
  6. M

    Final semester project ideas using CMOS VLSI?

    Guys ! I need your help in choosing a better project for my last semester .Can anyone suggest me projects based on CMOS VLSI Technology.?
  7. MarcelloP

    Is it Possible to Create a Large but Low-Powered Electromagnet?

    Hi to everyone! I'm currently working on a University project and one of my crazy ideas needs me to get my hands on a pretty strange electromagnet. the measurements are 40cm by 40cm with a height of 3 to 5 cm (doesnt matter a lot) i don't need this magnet to be very powerful (just enough to...
  8. T

    Computational project ideas for magnetic materials?

    For my end-of-semester project, I was tasked to investigate an aspect of magnetism/magnetic materials, to do some literature review on the topic, and code a mathematical model and display my results graphically. I couldn't find anything I wanted to do, so I asked the professor to assign me a...
  9. N

    Mathematics Based OOP Project Ideas

    Hello all, I am currently taking the first of a two semester sequence of C++ courses and I am taking the course as an Honors option and thus I will be writing an extra program to fulfill the requirements. A little about my experience, I am currently taking Calc 3 and an intro to proves...
  10. patrykh18

    What Are Suitable Plasma Physics Project Ideas for an Undergraduate?

    Summary:: I am looking for topics to give a presentation on. Hi everyone. If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it. Anyway, as part of our lab course, on top of doing experiments we will also have to prepare a 20 minute presentation on a chosen topic on physics. This is not like...
  11. Roberta314

    Physics Project Ideas for this Competition please (self-propelled car)

    Hey guys I'm currently working on a school physics project and I need some ideas for it. So basically the goal of the project is to create a vehicle that has to propel itself forward by firing a projectile backwards. The vehicle will be judged based on a scoring system that includes 3 criteria...
  12. sams

    Questions Regarding a Semester Project

    I want to include a semester project for an undergraduate course for this semester. As a new lecturer, I was wondering about several aspects of this project and I would like to gain a deep insight of the following: 1. What subjects should I choose? Should they be related to the topics that are...
  13. P

    Other Ideas for a Physics Project (Fluid Dynamics)

    I am a high school student interested in fluid dynamics, especially the Physics of ocean waves. So I'm hoping to do a science fair project about the Physics of sea waves, maybe for local science fair, or if it's really good, ISEF. The trouble is, I don't know what to do, especially because the...
  14. F

    CSE Project Ideas: Simulate Connected Cars with Vector Canoe Simulator

    Hello! I have to select a project for this semester.. from a lot of ideas one that got my sight is- "Simulate connected car with vector canoe simulator"... I am thinking about making a project out of it where cars will be connected and they will get information for public transport and...
  15. H

    What is a good experiment for carnot cycle?

    im thinking of a stirling cycle but if otherwise then please tell as soon as possible
  16. T

    Schools Physics Project Ideas for High School Student

    For the final project I do at a high school level, we are required to construct an experiment regarding any topic of physics. The experiment should yield quantitative data which can then be analysed through equations or trends. Essentially, I need to be able to discuss and critique the work...
  17. S

    Computer engineering projects for physics. Proposals?

    i'm a computer engineering student but i have always been interested in physics and wanted to contribute to it,next semester i will be working on my senior project and i was wondering if any of the physicists here or scientists in general think that there's something that i could create whether...
  18. ISamson

    Arduino Starter Kit Project Ideas

    Hello, I have ordered an arduino atarter kit and plan to explore some programming and electronics. Do you have any interesting project ideas for me? Thanks.
  19. MacLaddy

    Project ideas and rambling thoughts

    As a newly graduated mechanical engineer, I am searching for employment opportunities in my hometown region of the Pacific Northwest. However, as this area becomes more of a trendy hotspot, more & more people are moving here as an alternative to the high-priced lifestyle in California...
  20. B

    Other Senior project ideas? - Physics/Engineering

    Hello there! As a current junior undergrad, it is time to start thinking about senior project/design ideas. Although I will be a physicist by degree, I plan on pursuing graduate school in an engineering field (most likely mechanical, aerospace, or something closely related). I still have some...
  21. robin14559

    Boy Scout Project: Build a Car 20m with Mousetraps & Beans

    Here is the task... Boy Scout project (Not Homework) - Build a car that can travel 20m in straight line - Design Constraints: - Carry (2) standard mousetraps and (2) 8 oz cans of pork and beans - Use 3 of the above 4 items as energy sources, with 1 as pure payload - Complete...
  22. Jadaav

    Physics project ideas undergrad

    Hello, I need some project ideas for my course in BSc Physics level 2. I need something which is creative and interesting. Anything from fluids, wind... Regards, Jadaav
  23. infactuality

    Schools Need An Idea for a Brain Project....

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong category or if there are any issues, this is my first post. My problem is that I need an idea for a brain project, as you may have noticed from the title. The class is a gifted enrichment course which, this year, is focused primarily on the brain. The gist of...
  24. astro_chara

    B Astrophysics Science Fair Project Ideas?

    Hi, a friend and I are planning to participate in a county science fair this year. We're in need of ideas, especially since we want to focus on a project in astrophysics that we would be able to test. Or research. We can get access to an observatory, and maybe perform the research there. Any...
  25. A

    Light, thin but strong magnet?

    Hi everyone! My knowledge of physics is very very basic, so I just found this great forum and I think it would be great to have a feedback from people who know. I am in development of a project that involves a laptop sleeve and some magnets. I've already done my research and found that they...
  26. S

    Other Interesting side project ideas for an undergrad (beginner)?

    So I'm entering my second year in uni doing a physics degree. We're just about to tackle on some of the interesting topics like EM (which I've self-learnt before), Classical Mechanics(we've already covered Newtonian) and QMech. Apart from my core academics, I'm interested in pursuing some...
  27. C

    Help with design for moving a box

    Hi, I'm trying to design a contraption for a project that will move an item/box up and to the side. I have a picture of what it should look like and how it should look like but I need help with the mechanics of it. The box's starting position is In the ground and under a slap of metal or wood...
  28. TheQuietOne

    Project Ideas: Unleash Your Imagination!

    HELLO! hi yall, hope you didnt forget about me from my post "Any Lego Masters here?"! Any way I need some ideas for a project to work (or just to think about it) I need something uninvented and not very practical. ex. a lightsaber. but please do not suggest this I have allready worked on that.
  29. A

    Research Project Ideas for First Year Astronomy Student?

    Hi, I am wondering what are some good ideas for a first year undergraduate science research project? I am majoring in Astronomy so am after some ideas. My special interests are Pluto, Black Holes and of course Planet X.
  30. Nile Anderson

    Math Research Project Ideas Please

    Help. I am having a problem choosing a topic for my math research project. Anybody have any ideas they'd like to share ?
  31. E

    Engineering project ideas for an engineering club in my school

    Hi I'm starting an engineering club in my school and I'd like some ideas of engineer-like projects to make. I'm really concerned with it being interesting and it being something that people want to be a part of considering my school is pretty uninvolved. The projects I have in mind emphasize...
  32. B

    Undergraduate Research Topics?

    I am currently a sophomore physics student at a relatively small liberal arts college. Research opportunities are extremely limited, but I am applying for a grant of up to $2500 to perform a research project for the school. I am having some trouble coming up with topics/projects that I could...
  33. E

    Project idea in Numeric Analysis

    hey, need an idea for a paper on differential equations, which can be implemented in two or three days work. also it will be nice if that paper has graphs on it. any help would be most welcome thx
  34. R

    Help on physics project ideas?

    I am stumped and I cannot think of any possible experiments that fits the criteria. The requirements are: -A 10-hour experiment -Rigorous and challenging enough for IB-level Physics (A basic college level) I tried asking my teacher to do Newton's cradle, but she said that it would not fulfill...
  35. K

    Topic for physicasor mathematical project

    Hello, I am a high school student who is supposed to start a project related to physics or mathematics - and I have to hand it in 3-4 months (but it is voluntary) . I am sorry that i haven't used the template, but i hope that someone will help me I haven't decided the topic yet. It doesn't...
  36. saybrook1

    Project Ideas for Graduate Classical Mechanics and Math Methods

    Hi guys - I was hoping people might have some topic ideas for a project I need to do in graduate classical mechanics as well as math methods. It needs to be a solution to an advanced problem or cover an advanced topic. I'm just looking for ideas that haven't been beaten to death. Any suggestion...
  37. S

    Innovative Aerospace Engineering Projects on a Budget

    I need ideas to make something for my 6th semester of aerospace engineering. I am stuck with thoughts which either cost me more than my college tuition or consume nearly a decade of my life to make. I am in desperate need of ideas which are cheap, creative, and still a great way of scoring with...
  38. L

    Any ideas for a summer program project for high school science students?

    Hello guys, I'm a master's here in California and just accepted a job offer for the summer. I will be in charge of a pilot program where I am in charge of 15 students (juniors and seniors interested in science) for 2.5 hours a day, monday through thursday, for 5 weeks. I have to have them...
  39. C

    8th Grade Science Project Ideas

    Hi guys, I need to create a science project, but first I need an idea. I have already come up with an idea, which was measuring stress level under timed and untimed tests, but my teacher said that it was too simple. Do you have any suggestions on any 8th Grade science projects I could do, that...
  40. Logan Rudd

    Upper division physics lab -- Project ideas

    As an experimentalist, I am very excited to be taking my first upper division physics lab next semester! The course covers basic electronics (filters, diodes, transistors, op-amps, analog & digital circuits, D/A conversion, and LabView Programming, etc.) and measurement techniques with an...
  41. C

    Physics Research Project Ideas (First year physics course)

    Hello. I am a first year physics major, and a major component of the first year physics course (for physics majors) is a research project. With a partner, I am supposed to conduct a research experiment in the broad field of physics. The proposal for this project is due friday, in which we must...
  42. R

    Project Ideas to enhance my knowledge of programming

    Hello, I am an undergrad doing Computer Science BSc, but that's all irrelevant. I started learning to program when I was about 12 and I've become very proficient in PHP, Perl, Python and C# and I have really good knowledge of C++, C, Java (and I'm a quick learner). I have done a lot of...
  43. U

    Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project Ideas

    Hey guys, I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering in the UK. For my final year, we have to basically invent or design something that hasn't been invented before or improve something that's already been invented.Now unlike my cousin who's studying Aerospace Engineering in the US, he told...
  44. A

    Need some help deciding Final Year Project Ideas welcome

    Hi I'm about to start my 3rd year in my Engineering university and would like some ideas for my Final Year project... We have 2 options. We can either make a model/prototype of something and present it OR we can do a research on a particular field. I'm leaning more towards the research side...
  45. teetar

    Any High School Level Engineering Project Ideas?

    I'm not too creative, but I'm trying to compile a list of possible ideas that my engineering team can do during this school year. Projects or contests would be great fun, but I can't think of anything. Does anyone here have any ideas of possible ideas for an engineering team in school? Our skill...
  46. E

    Programs Electronic engineering degree final year project ideas

    Hi, I am looking to start preparing for my final year project in my Industrial Electronic and control engineering degree and I'm trying to figure out a good strong, realistic scope for my project. I'm a part time student already working within the automotive industry. I have one idea to...
  47. mrmjp

    DSP Undergraduate Project Ideas?

    I have to do a project of some kind for my digital signals and systems class and I really don't have a clue where to even start looking. ANY IDEAS OR DIRECTION WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
  48. D

    What are some cool projects using the 8051 microcontroller?

    I am looking for some ideas on projects. I pretty much screwed up my first project because i chose a very difficult one(i couldn't complete it on time). I have got 2 months time before final submission. I am looking for some 'interesting' projects which can be completed in two months. I...
  49. L

    SEM Project Ideas for Undergrad

    Hey Forum, So I am in my final semester in my undergraduate program for Biology. I am going into bioimaging field of study, so I took on a research elective utilizing a scanning electron microscope. I am also taking a one credit directed study in microbiology which is used to combine and...
  50. E

    Electrical Engineering project ideas

    Hello everyone, i need some ideas for my final year electrical engineering project. Any new ideas related to solar energy or other renewable sources? Thank you for your time.