project ideas

  1. sams

    Questions Regarding a Semester Project

    I want to include a semester project for an undergraduate course for this semester. As a new lecturer, I was wondering about several aspects of this project and I would like to gain a deep insight of the following: 1. What subjects should I choose? Should they be related to the topics that are...
  2. P

    Other Ideas for a Physics Project (Fluid Dynamics)

    I am a high school student interested in fluid dynamics, especially the Physics of ocean waves. So I'm hoping to do a science fair project about the Physics of sea waves, maybe for local science fair, or if it's really good, ISEF. The trouble is, I don't know what to do, especially because the...
  3. H

    I What is a good experiment for carnot cycle?

    im thinking of a stirling cycle but if otherwise then please tell as soon as possible
  4. S

    I Computer engineering projects for physics. Proposals?

    i'm a computer engineering student but i have always been interested in physics and wanted to contribute to it,next semester i will be working on my senior project and i was wondering if any of the physicists here or scientists in general think that there's something that i could create whether...
  5. iamanegg

    Bioethics Project

    Here's some background info: I'm a sophomore in high school. Basically, I have to do an incredibly important project on bioethics for a class that I'm in (it's one of the three main projects that make up a majority of our final grade). We'll be researching a relevant issue that has to have some...
  6. Jadaav

    Physics project ideas undergrad

    Hello, I need some project ideas for my course in BSc Physics level 2. I need something which is creative and interesting. Anything from fluids, wind... Regards, Jadaav
  7. infactuality

    Schools Need An Idea for a Brain Project...

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong category or if there are any issues, this is my first post. My problem is that I need an idea for a brain project, as you may have noticed from the title. The class is a gifted enrichment course which, this year, is focused primarily on the brain. The gist of...
  8. A

    I Light, thin but strong magnet?

    Hi everyone! My knowledge of physics is very very basic, so I just found this great forum and I think it would be great to have a feedback from people who know. I am in development of a project that involves a laptop sleeve and some magnets. I've already done my research and found that they...
  9. C

    Help with design for moving a box

    Hi, I'm trying to design a contraption for a project that will move an item/box up and to the side. I have a picture of what it should look like and how it should look like but I need help with the mechanics of it. The box's starting position is In the ground and under a slap of metal or wood...
  10. B

    Undergraduate Research Topics?

    I am currently a sophomore physics student at a relatively small liberal arts college. Research opportunities are extremely limited, but I am applying for a grant of up to $2500 to perform a research project for the school. I am having some trouble coming up with topics/projects that I could...
  11. E

    Project idea in Numeric Analysis

    hey, need an idea for a paper on differential equations, which can be implemented in two or three days work. also it will be nice if that paper has graphs on it. any help would be most welcome thx
  12. K

    Topic for physicasor mathematical project

    Hello, I am a high school student who is supposed to start a project related to physic or mathematics - and I have to hand it in 3-4 months (but it is voluntary) . I am sorry that i haven't used the template, but i hope that someone will help me I haven't decided the topic yet. It doesn't have...
  13. S

    Mini Project Ideas

    I need ideas to make something for my 6th semester of aerospace engineering. I am stuck with thoughts which either cost me more than my college tuition or consume nearly a decade of my life to make. I am in desperate need of ideas which are cheap, creative, and still a great way of scoring with...