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Quantum Energy Teleportation and Decoherence

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    I am currently trying to resolve a question in my head that I am sure is covered in basic quantum mechanics but have been unable to find a clear definitive answer. Hope the forum can provide insight or direct me to a reference that would help?

    Recently mechanical vibration of entangled atomic ion pairs were demonstrated in a laboratory. Naturally the information as to their states (vibration/oscillation) could be transferred via quantum teleportation (entanglement). But what I wonder is it possible to teleport energy? I understand decoherence/collapse of entangled particles occurs upon observation or measurement but is decoherence directly tied to any energy being conveyed/injected in to entangled particles? My basic premise is that if coherence could be maintained while one particle of an entwined ion pair is energized (increase in the rate of vibration) then the other particle would likewise increase and there would be in essence a teleportation of energy.
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    No- there is no violation of causality even, let along energy transfer, as I understand.
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    Hi! I have found your posting by searching for information about quantum energy teleportation. I know a preprint about the energy teleportation which would be related with your question. The paper can be seen in http://arxiv.org/abs/0911.3430 .
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