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Quantum Gravity & Quantum Geometry Live

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    Quantum Gravity & Quantum Geometry Live :)

    Some records as well as lecture notes about different approaches to quantum gravity are now avaible to download from the website of QG Zakopane 2007 School:


    I think that at least two talks of Carlo Rovelli should be interesting to anybody interested in this field.
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    just listened to the first 100 minute talk of Rovelli, making notes.
    I recommend it and will listen thru a second time
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    Yes, these Carlo's talks are very interesting as it is quite unusual "an insider's review". The common opinion of participants of our school was that this was most enlightening talk. I think it is because he discusses motivations, principles and characteristics of different approaches instead of digging into technical details, what sometimes kills understanding of the broad scope.

    It would be nice if somebody could make some comprehensive notes from both lectures (the second one are Q&A), to have it in more "light" then 200MB audio form. I wanted to do it, but I do not have enough time. If somebody will do it, I will put it on school's website.

    Unfortunately, in the second talk there are some holes of quasi-silence. These are places where some people from lecture room were speaking and making comments (including also Jurek Lewandowski, Thomas Thiemann and others). However, only Carlo had microphone, so the amplidute of signal is there very low. In few places I've boosted the audio volume, but it generates also quite big boosting of noise. If somebody would like to make better version of this file, it would be great.
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