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Quantum geometry school at Erlangen: what can it tell us?

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    The school takes place this week, October 7 through 11, hosted by Thomas Thiemann's group.
    The school is explicitly quantum geometry. Increasingly that is what QG means-- microscopic/high energy geometry of space-time. Focusing on quantizing shape relations rather than on quantum "gravity forces" between particles in some given fixed background geometry.

    All lectures at the Second Erlangen Fall School on Quantum Geometry will be recorded and will be available after the school in different video formats on this website.

    The school is, I think, unifying in character and seems to be part of a series. It brings together several different background-independent approaches to quantum theory of spacetime geometry. It is not a one-track school.
    Many of the participants we will not have heard of, and their specialties may be unfamiliar to us.
    OTOH quite a few names are familiar:

    Emanuele Alesci
    Hal Haggard
    Atousa Shirazi
    Alexander Stottmeister
    Casey Tomlin
    Derek Wise
    Antonia Zipfel

    Topics to be covered in the lectures include:
    Causal Dynamical Triangulations
    Conformal Quantum Field Theory
    Representation Theory of Lie Groups
    Hopf Algebras, Tensor Categories and Topological Field Theories

    The FIRST Erlangen QG school was held last year, that time LQG lectures were featured.
    This is the SECOND in the series, it seems to feature CDT and other QG approaches.
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    The videos of the introduction to LQG that Jerzy Lewandowski gave LAST year at the first Erlangen QG school could be a valuable resource for us.

    It consists of 5 lectures here:

    Each lecture lasts 90 minutes. The individual links are here:

    To view, click on "anschauen" which means "view". Also is possible to download the video and save it on your computer--there are various options.
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