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Quantum imaging with undetected photons

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    Simon Bridge

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    ... um no.
    You cannot make an image from something that is not detected - that is not what "image" means.

    What is claimed is: "the image has been obtained without ever detecting the light that was used to illuminate the imaged object"... so the image is not made out of undetected photons. It is constructed from the light that has not illuminated the object.

    Note: every time you look at your shadow, you are getting an image from light that has not illuminated you. This is somewhat different though.

    ... also not correct. You just cannot use entanglement to transfer information faster than the speed of light. The experiment does not do this.

    It basically does a clever trick with the statistics - it exploits the way the red and infra-red photons basically share a wavefunction.
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    I just found the article on arxiv : http://arxiv.org/pdf/1401.4318v2.pdf

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    Wow, that't the first time I've seen a very good paper written with Word. However it's utmost ugly, as expected. If you can, take the published version from Nature. I'm still always impressed that nowadays the quantum opticians can really do all that "gedanken experiments" which worried Einstein so much :-)). The Nature article appeared this Thursday:

    Gabriela Barreto Lemos, Victoria Borish, Garrett D. Cole, Sven Ramelow, Radek Lapkiewic & Anton Zeilinger, Nature 512, 409–412 (2014)

    There's also a Nature News article on this paper:

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