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Quantum internet running at Los Alamos National Labs

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    What do you quantum experts think of this?


    Link to the paper
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    Im far from a quantum expert...

    My grad school had a bunch of quantum optics and information guys and one of the big wigs briefly described such a scheme that is used between the white house and the pentagon. Im not sure if he "knew" it was the case or he just "assumed" it because its a natural application.
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    It is essentially a clever way of using technology that has been commercially available for quite a few years, i.e. it is not really a "breakthrough".
    Moreover, it still does not solve any of the problems that would need to be overcome for long-distance QC communications to become practical: i.e. the fact we don't have repeaters and routers.

    Also, the rumour about a link between the White House and Pentagon has been circulating for many years. The fact that the technology was widely available in reseach labs at the time the rumours started (but is just very expensive means) means that it might very well be true.

    There are also a number of commerical short distance QC links in operation around the world, they are mainly used by banks and other financial institutions.
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