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Quantum mechanics and gravity Married?

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    We have discussed Horava gravity some here at Beyond forum. Just to maintain perspecitve, it is perhaps not quite as promising and exciting as the SciAm journalist makes out, so it does not necessarily overshadow all the other approaches. There are several interesting ones being worked on.

    But if you are especially interested in Horava gravity, there was just this month a conference about it, and all the talks are available video online. I will get a link.

    Here is the Beyond forum discussion thread about that conference. It gives many links:

    Petr Horava himself gave the first talk. And Ted Jacobson (who is tops, absolutely first rate) was invited to give the last talk at the very end, where people raised problems, and looked back over what had been shown at the conference. It was a surprise invitation, Ted had not been expecting to get up in front, only came to listen, so he brought no slides. He just used the blackboard. Good (unrehearsed) summary and discussion at the end, though.

    Here is a menu of all the talks, giving links to watch the video of each one.
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