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Quantum Mechanics - Supplemental text?

  1. Sep 7, 2009 #1
    Quantum Mechanics -- Supplemental text?


    I'm currently in a quantum mechanics class (undergraduate) that is using Griffiths Intro to Quantum Mechanics (second edition). I've taken solid state physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, among other physics classes, but have found that Griffiths provides too few examples for me to adequately tackle the problems in the textbook. Can anyone recommend a problem-solving oriented quantum mechanics guide or supplement that can help me out? Thanks.

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    Re: Quantum Mechanics -- Supplemental text?

    I know a friend who successfully used Schuam's Outline of Quantum Mechanics... But I'd recommend that you go back and do the problems in Griffiths as the majority of those problems teach you something new about the subject as well.
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    Re: Quantum Mechanics -- Supplemental text?

    Try "Principles of Quantum Mechanics" by Shankar. =) Its approach might be different from Griffiths since it gives you the bra-ket formalism right at the start, but I find it to be the best introductory QM book around.

    Or try to review your differential equations / orthogonal functions (under linear algebra) again, Griffiths uses a lot of that. I also had the same problem as yours with his book but I finally figured out that I needed to refresh myself with those mathematical topics.

    Hope this helps. Goodluck!
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    Re: Quantum Mechanics -- Supplemental text?

    Personally I think Shankar's text is a bit more difficult than Griffiths'. If you can solve the problems in Griffiths' book then Shankar might be out of reach.
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