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Quantum Mechanics Textbooks Problem

  1. Dec 24, 2014 #1
    Hi everybody,

    I am currently a Junior in college studying Physics. I am planning on going to Graduate School, which obviously requires the GREs. I have looked up that the physics GRE is 12% Quantum Mechanics (as per this source here). However, how my University is set up, I will not be able to take Quantum Mechanics 1 in time. That is, I will be about half way done the semester of Quantum Mechanics when I have to take the Physics GRE.

    I was planning on trying to teach myself some of it (Hopefully enough to do well on the GRE). I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for textbooks. I am looking for a textbook that will aide in my personal studies of Quantum Mechanics to prepare for the GRE. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    As I said, I am a junior in college, so I should be okay with the math (All calculus courses, ordinary differential equations, linear algebra, etc.). I have also taken Classical Mechanics 1 (Lagrangians, Hamiltonians, etc.) and Electricity and Magnetism 1.

    Any suggestions on textbooks would be much appreciated.
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    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Griffiths is good for GRE purposes. Also, due to atomic physics relying on quantum a lot, studying Griffiths will help for about a quarter of the test. Because of this and other special topics, quantum really makes up 25% of the test.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Looking at the GRE practice tests, I think you might want to consider something more like Eisberg and Resnick. The test asks a lot of QM applications problems and relatively few problems on formalism.
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