Quantum mechanics via quantum tomography

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The only agent that matters in an objective approach to physics is the scientific community as a whole. This community has access to all data (available at a given time) and makes decisions on what is true based on accepted statistical reasoning. This makes it objective to the extent that science can be objective
Ok, thanks for clarifying! Then I think I see your perspective and logic. I think its nice but It still leaves many questions in my perspective unanswererd though. My take on objectivity and inference seems different. And your view IS the more consesus one.

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The point of my paper is a proper conceptual foundation of quantum physics with the same characteristic features as classical physics - except that the density operator takes the place of the phase space coordinates.
Nice summary!

(This explains more your perspective. I have critique also against classical physics, and you import those problems. )

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explain the electrical characteristics in terms of quantities like local densities of states...

Explain or describing ?

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Explain or describing ?
Definitely explaining. E.g. we might observe some undesired electrical characteristic like a poor subthreshold swing, or a high off-state current, or early onset of ambipolar current. We learn why this is happening by studying quantities and processes in the FET (Maybe electrons are tunnelling across the short-channel barrier, or into the valence band due to a poorly tuned band gap. Or maybe inelastic phonon scattering assists band-to-band tunnelling etc). And we anticipate which devices won't suffer from these problems based on these insights.
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Is there a simplified version of your theory for "dummies"?
Not yet, but I'll try to create something. It will take some time since simplification is hard work...
The Christmas holidays helped a lot to finally get the task done...
What I'll add is a formula-free Ariadne's thread for dummies.
I just put a revised version (v3) of the paper on the arXiv, which will appear there tomorrow. In addition I created the requested/promised Ariadne's thread as an Insight article which is currently on Review. Unfortunately, to maintain understandability, I haven't managed to completely avoid formulas in the Ariadne's thread, but the text/formula ratio is very large, probably ##>100##.
What would help a lot were a clear statement of what you call "first principles" and then a derivation of the POVM and the more conventional special case of projective measurements without too much philosophy in between.
Done. To make the paper a pleasure to read for philosophobists like you, the philosophical part has been completely separated from the physics and is placed in the revised v3 at the very end!
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Now it seems to be understandable for a physicist, at least the summary of the meaning of the statistical operator on p. 8 is now starting from the usual probabilistic notion of standard (minimally interpreted) QT. That's a big progress. Of course, I've to read more in detail to understand the full meaning.

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