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Quantum non-locality and vacuum polarization

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    Quantum particles are not localized before they are observed, as shown with the Young double slit experiments and those with entangled particles.
    On the other side, vacuum is filled with virtual particles.
    Are the non-localized particles responsible for the virtual particles? or only for a part of them? or have nothing to with them?
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    Search this forum for some of our many threads about virtual particles. They aren't what you've been told they are by many non-serious popularizations and the vacuum is not filled with them.
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    I mean, one has vacuum polarization, due to the virtual particles.

    I am trying to understand whether quantum non-locality and virtual particles are connected or are unrelated.
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    Virtual particles do not exist. There are many threads discussing this - another one is not required.

    So the answer to your question is - no - they are unrelated since your premise is wrong - ie virtual particles do not exist.

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    They are unrelated. Quantum non-locality is related to entanglement, which virtual particles are not.
    On some myths about entanglement, non-locality, virtual particles and many other things see
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