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  1. A

    I Virtual particle content of the vacuum state...

    Hi all, One more virtual particle question (sorry all!): for individuals who would take virtual particles as being 'real' (but unobservable), what is their understanding then of the content of the vacuum? For example, if I place a electron all by itself in the vacuum (thus making it no longer...
  2. A

    I On-shell virtual particles and 'physical' Hilbert spaces...

    Hi all, Just a clarification question as I'm learning. It's possible to have Feynman diagrams where the internal lines (virtual particles) are in fact on shell. 'On shell' would imply 'observable,' (maybe?) but as noted in @A. Neumaier's great FAQ, only sets of Feynman diagrams have predictive...
  3. Nonametheone

    B Can a virtual particle from a maget accelerate another particle on a linear path?

    Summary: Can a particle accelerator accelerate gaseous fuel? Does space-time differ for detonating ionized fuel moving near the speed of light within a magnetic field such as a particle accelerator?
  4. F

    I Two questions about "The Physics of Virtual Particles"

    Arnold Neumaier, I have 2 elementary questions about your article “The Physics of Virtual Particles”. 1. In the paragraph headed “States.” on p. 4, of 13, you talk about states of a physical system, with a mixed state specified by a Hermitian operator ρ of trace 1 acting on the Hilbert...
  5. Mcbleak

    B Expanding space time and Virtual particles

    If space time (the universe) is infinitely expanding what happens when it rips? Have we observed Virtual particles in an area and counted them? Does the expansion of space time affect the amount of Virtual particles in a particular area? Is it theoretically possible to expand space time to a...
  6. C

    I In the Casimir effect, can you slide plates unopposed by force?

    How would sliding the plates parallel to each other in order to separate them (they are prevented from contacting to avoid friction) require the same amount of energy as pulling them apart? You're not pushing against the force (the net force at the edges pulling it back is balanced by opposite...
  7. B

    I Probability of creation of virtual particles

    Is it correct to assume that all known particles may be created as virtual particles in the vacuum? If so, is there a higher probability of a particular particle being produced than say some other particle type. For example, is an electron more likely to be created as a virtual particle than a...
  8. SlowThinker

    B Brownian motion from virtual photons?

    This a really simple question: If I have, say, 2 ions close to one another, and measure their repulsion very precisely, is the force constant, or is it a series of little pushes caused by individual virtual photons? I know there are many misunderstandings about virtual particles, but I'm not...
  9. A. Neumaier

    Insights The Vacuum Fluctuation Myth - Comments

    A. Neumaier submitted a new PF Insights post The Vacuum Fluctuation Myth Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  10. N

    B Is dark/vacuum potential energy infinite?

    And virtual particles potential energy is infinite too? As more and more dark energy is created does this mean that the potential energy of dark energy is infinite? Does that happen for virtual particles in vacuum and vacuum energy too?
  11. Thomas Eaton

    B Virtual Particles; Making the Universe an Open System?

    The question here is simple; would the existence of virtual particles make the universe an open system? And if not, why? I thank all who consider this question for their time and would love to hear an answer.
  12. DuckAmuck

    I Black Holes and Charged Particles

    What happens when charged particles fall into a black hole? Say like N electrons fall in, giving the black hole a net charge of -N. Since light cannot escape the event horizon, I imagine electric fields cannot either, since they are mediated by photons. So is that charge effectively lost until...
  13. Ranku

    I Virtual particles

    Are virtual particles of the false vacuum during inflation indistinguishable from virtual particles of the true vacuum of the present universe?
  14. A. Neumaier

    Insights Misconceptions about Virtual Particles - Comments

    A. Neumaier submitted a new PF Insights post Misconceptions about Virtual Particles Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  15. M

    Quantum non-locality and vacuum polarization

    Quantum particles are not localized before they are observed, as shown with the Young double slit experiments and those with entangled particles. On the other side, vacuum is filled with virtual particles. Are the non-localized particles responsible for the virtual particles? or only for a part...
  16. J

    I Are virtual particles real or just math filler

    Hello, My question on virtual particles is quiet simple but i cannot find an answer. Are virtual particles just a filler for math or do they actually come into existence?
  17. A

    Why the virtual particle hating?

    [Mentor's note - this post was moved from this thread and both the title and the tag were assigned as part of moving the post into a new thread - if you disagree with eiether don't yell at @andresB because he didn't do it] For some reason, PhysicsForum tend to become very hostile for Ops asking...
  18. Prashan Shan

    How Virtual Photons form?

    1).Virtual Photons forms in pairs like particles and anti particles? or 2).by borrowing energy from future? or 3) in both ways?