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Quantum pharmacology: where to study and how

  1. May 17, 2013 #1
    Hi everybody! I would like to know if anybody know "how to become a quantum pharmacologist".
    I am at the first year of the BSc in Biotechnology and i am studying quantum physics by my own: i found out that with quantum chemistry we can determine the interaction and the properties of all the molecule so i would like to study how to use that for alternatives to animal testing.
    Anybody can help me?
    Thank you very much, good evening!
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    I've never heard of a "quantum pharmacologist" before and quite franky the term sounds a little Deepak Chopra-ish.

    Probably what you're looking for is the branch of biophysics that looks at phamacokinetics. I suspect there are a number of possible avenues to get into that such as undergraduate work in physics or physical chemistry that lead to graduate work in pharmacokinetics.
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    Like Choppy, I have never heard of quantum pharmacology. In addition to his idea, maybe you're thinking of computational drug design?

    Also, this type of work is still mostly classical.
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    There is a group of research in a big university in Sweden which makes research in this field, maybe Stockholm...
    I want to apply quantum mechanics law to biological substances and maybe biophysics is what i am looking for! Is there any possibility for me (BSc in Biotechnology) to be admitted in a MSc in Biophysics?
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