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Quantum Physics and Spirituality

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    What is the significance of Quantum physics to spirituality?
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    It's a great source to write gobbledegook :smile:

    Quantum theory is a very strange theory, and people are still discussing what it might actually mean. However, keep in mind that quantum theory is "yet another physical theory" and hence might have a finite livetime. Maybe some day we'll discover another theory. Of course, quantum theory's weirdness, and the fact that some views of it touch upon things such as subjective worlds and consciousness, which come very close to the favorite subjects of spiritual discussions, might make it suited to fit spiritual views. Nevertheless, that's stretching the issue, I think. Quantum theory doesn't prove any spiritual view of the world (except maybe the one that the world is a stranger place than you might first think it is). In the same way as Newtonian physics has not much to say about spirituality, so does quantum theory.

    But of course you're free to integrate any physical theory in your spiritual vision of the world (that's always better than trying to integrate your spiritual view of the world into a scientific theory, such as creationists try to do). But don't expect to find much endorsement or agreement over the issue.
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    thanks for the reply
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    IMHO there is fundamental problem in religion with respect to the separation of "the material world" and "the spiritual world". Quantum Physics in essence says there is no separation, and all there is, is the whole. It relates strongly to Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Look them up on Google. That said, I think this isn't the right place to talk about the subject. Sorry.
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    I've got to agree with Farsight here - probably not the best place to discuss this. But, since it's been brought up...

    There are quite a few books out there on this subject. If I'm not mistaken (And don't quote me on this, I've never read it - just heard from someone about it) What The Bleep Do We Know? touches on this. The book, at least...
    There's at least one E-Book that will come out soon (I personally know that it will be at least decent. My mother writes them in her spare time, for extra money), and a book at Amazon.com, by order request at Barns N Nobles, if you'd like I can get you that title as well (Not sure of it off the top of my head). :)
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    This place is CERTAINLY not the place to discuss this issue because of the over-speculative nature of the subject matter, which we do not cater to in this forum (please read our Guidelines as a reminder). I certainly do not wish to give anymore free advertisement to the "What the Bleep...." movie or book, which is a bastardization of physics.

    So this thread is done.

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