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Quantum Teleportation and Fusion

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    So it seems real obvious to me at the moment that if quantum teleportation becomes common day, then one huge benefit is fusing two hydrogen nuclei by teleporting them at the same location, or very close to each other. Is this a correct assumption, or is this question completely lacking understanding of quantum teleportation?

    Actually if my question is a valid one, what would actually happen if you teleport two atoms in the exact same location? Would they explode?
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    The latter.

    Q. Teleportation means the communication of quantum information, not relocation of matter.

    ...you may be looking for quantum tunnelling.
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    Can you tunnel one nuclei with another? Would this take just as much energy as normal fusion reactors use today?
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    The matter can not propagate as fast as light.
    Information can not propagate faster than light.
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