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Quantum Threshold Scheme , no cloning theorem

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    A (k,n) quantum threshold scheme (QTS) as a method to split up an unknown secret quantum state | S > into n pieces (shares) with the restriction that k > n / 2 (for if this inequality were violated, two disjoint sets of players can reconstruct the secret, in violation of the quantum no-cloning theorem).
    what is the reason behind the above restriction?
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    You should link to the paper you're confused about ( Generalized Quantum Secret Sharing ) instead of just quoting it (also you should actually indicate that you're quoting; otherwise it looks like you know that material already or that you're plagiarising).

    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. The reason ##k## has to be greater than ##\frac{n}{2}## is stated in the quote you included: otherwise you could violate the no-cloning theorem by decoding the secret quantum information two independent times.

    Maybe the PI institute's intro page on quantum secret sharing will help?
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