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Quark Confinement Period, a Question.

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    I've read that Quarks became confined and able to bind into baryons like protons and neutrons in the Period of ~10*-12seconds -to- ~10*-5seconds. Its been stated that as the average photon's energy in this period (kT) dropped below about 1 GeV, that quarks could finally bind to eachother since collision energies were sufficiently weak to allow such binding....

    My Question then is this, given that the 6 known Quarks have these energies:

    Up 340MeV
    Down 340MeV
    Charm 1500MeV
    Strange 560MeV
    Top 174000MeV
    Bottom 5000MeV

    How is it possible for, say, a Bottom and Strange Quark to bind if their combined rest masses are already well above 1 GeV (they are 5560MeV combined)? Also, this doesn't even consider their Relativistic momentums which would make their masses much greater as they approach velocities near C.

    If anyone could explain why 1 GeV is the apparent threshold for Quark confinement in terms of the Rest Masses of these Quarks and their Relativisitc collision energies, I would greatly appreciate it. If you could provide a good analogy in conjunction with the mathematical framework and formulas, even better.

    Thank you kindly,

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  3. Feb 6, 2006 #2

    Up 360 MeV
    Down 360 Mev
    Strange 540 Mev
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