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Quartzite VS Silica VS Silicon Dioxide

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    Are they the same?

    Quartzite is found in the nature as the rock form.

    The colors are, some light brown, and some transparent.

    Silicon dioxide is a powder, its color is white.

    What is a silica?

    Is there available a picture/image of a silica?

    I have a mix of rocks such as below image:


    What kind of rocks are they?

    She says it was found in the nature.

    I doubt it because the shape, like was shaped by the hand.

    It like a synthesis then shaped by the hand.

    What is the chemical composition?

    I will crush them using the stone crusher machine.

    I doubt the form will be a powder instead of more rough than a powder.

    How do I make it to be a powder?

    How many times to be crushed so that the form will be a powder?

    What equipment do I need to make it as a powder?

    Or what chemical additive to be used to make it as a powder?

    Thank you
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