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Quasicrystals, explain those terms please!

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    I have been reading this article and google-ing and still nothing, so here it goes

    What is:

    -P-type icosahedral?

    -Tsai-type quasicrystal?

    -1/1 cubic approximant?

    -six-dimensional lattice parameter a6D?

    -why has (this is example) powder X-ray diffraction spectrum just 2 high peaks (at some angles), and why are they called 111112 and 011202 (underlined line should be above letters) and what does it mean?

    Many thanks..
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    Icosahedral means that the quasicrystal has the symmetry of an icosahedron, i.e. of a soccer ball.

    P-type probably means primitive (as opposed to I=body centered and F=face centered, not sufe if F-type QC exist)

    Tsai discovered a different type of QC that has 10-fold symmetry in one plane and periodic in the direction perpendicular to the plane (IIRC). These are called decagonal QC.

    Approximants are periodic crystals with similar local structure to a quasicrystal.

    The Bragg reflections of QC can be indexed in 6-dimensional reciprocal space. Hence you get 6 Miller indices rather than the usual 3 (HKL).
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