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Question about Electron Action and study material.

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    I have three books in hand and would like information about how useful they are, or if things have changed that makes them too out of date.

    From Atoms To Quarks; 1980, James S. Trefil
    Mirror Matter; 1988, Robert L Forward & Joel Davis
    Atom; 1992, Isaac Asimov

    I'm an entry level study, but my mechanical intuition has my mind set resisting the electron wave as I see in almost all illustrations.
    My question is, has anyone ever postulated the thought of an electron being trapped within it's own magnetic field ? would it be possible ?
    With respect to guidelines, that is all I feel I can ask at this time.

    If the books are still inline with current knowledge, I'll spend some time with them.

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    This last week of study has been very rewarding, much has been learned and this reveals the mass of additional knowledge needed for a best guess answer.
    Some time with the books and the overwhelming vastness of wiki.

    A comment by Einstein about the continuity of the universe (I can't seem to find it again) was a boost to my enthusiastic feelings.
    A tie between the Bohr Model and Wave Cloud, Quantum Shifting and Brownian Motion included, is reeling in my mind. All of what I have known, along with the new things added, gives me an understanding of just how in depth my simple sounding question is and why no one can reply.

    I might have stepped over the line in another thread, so I will not go any further here, unless invited by a moderator.

    I have found much to study and along with links in the forum and other places, I think the big challenge will be filtering misguided information. (a novice filtering correctness ? What a paradox )

    I did make the decision that the books are still close to being inline with most new wiki information, they are easy to understand at my level.

    Thanks to all that have taken time to view my post.

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