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Question about group 16 elements?

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    Are group 16 elements more likely to form ionic or covalent compounds, and what is the most common type of ion they will form?

    Since they are nonmetals and have a negative charge, I am thinking they are more likely to produce ionic bonds and will form bonds most commonly with group 1 elements.

    Let me know your thoughts.
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    By group 16 elements, I assume you mean the 6A elements (this is the newer, more common term). The type of compound formed depends on the amounts of other substances present. Take O for example. If it's in an environment where there is 99% P and 1% Mg, it will be more likely to form P2O5, not MgO.

    According to bond enthalpy, more energy will actually be released by forming covalent bonds such as those in P2O5. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will pass over a metal ion to form them though. Like I said before, it depends on the situation, meaning what other elements are present for it to bond to.
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