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Homework Help: Question about integrating w/ specific time

  1. Nov 26, 2012 #1
    When I integrate v(t) after I calculated the t, what do I get?
    Let;s say t=2.
    do I get the position vector in this 2s?
    If so it means the integral goes from 0 to t? or I still need to calculate from 2 to t?

    I could simply integrate v from 0 to t then place 2 in the position vector but I got an ex here integrating after calculating the t...I knew I must not integrate vector after calculating the t since it won't be general anymore...but still there is a use for this it seems....
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    I figure out I need to calculate 2 to t...
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    [itex]\int_{t=T_1}^{T_2}v(t).dt[/itex] is the change in position from time T1 to time T2.
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