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Question about orbit determination with find_orb

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    I'm trying to calculate the orbital elements of a moving body in the solar system with given three observations.

    I'm trying to solve this with the software "find_orb" but it seems like I should define a provisional designation in the input file. the problem I just have the dates, RA & declinations for the observations

    and I don't understand how to define the designation for this,
    does anyone has any idea or knows any another simple software
    it would be best if someone could help me :D
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    I'd never heard of find_orb, but I used to use a software (Linux-based) program called find_burst that located different stars or other stellar phenomenon based on their location and light curve variations. Their "location" was merely a field of the sky that the telescope was programmed to observe, and really didn't depend on the RA or Dec.
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