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Question about Rydberg equation and molecular orbital

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    Hi, I have a little question about atomic models

    1. Does Rydberg equation only apply to hydrogen

    2. What is the purpose and limitations of molecular obitals
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    In principle it should only be applied to hydrogen-like systems--systems with one electron in a Coulomb potential. Anything beyond a one-electron (or effectively one-electron) systems is not exactly solvable, and a Rydberg-type equation involving one-electron energy differences is, in principle, wrong.
    The purpose is to give a simple one-electron type of theory to a more complication many-electron system (a molecule). The limitation are legion, but interestingly molecular orbitals are still useful. A reference that I like regarding orbital theories is a book called "The Physics of the Chemical Bond". The author escapes me at the moment.
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    I was wondering if the book is suitable for high school level?

    Thanks for the answer. the explanation is very clear
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    hmm... I'm not sure. But, probably it is too advanced for a high school text. Regardless, here is a link to the book on amazon:
    maybe you can have a look and see if you think it is too advanced.

    Googling for a high school text on molecular orbitals found me this book which perhaps is useful:
    have a look and let me know. cheers.

    you're welcome.
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