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Question about Scanned Transcripts

  1. Dec 1, 2015 #1
    I have electronic copies of my official transcript with the school name, phone number logo and everything on them. However in a lot of physics Ph.D applications they are referring to scans. Do they really want me to print my electronic copy and then scan it and upload the scan rather then the original electronic copy. That seems incredibly pedantic.
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    Would they really know the difference?
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    Call them and ask.

    In my experience most schools prefer to have transcripts forwarded directly from the institution that granted the degree.
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    I suspect that those instructions are "left over" from the days when printed transcripts were the norm. IIRC one could often submit an unofficial photocopy or a scan of a transcript with the application. This would contain only the courses taken up to that time and therefore was incomplete. If the grad school offered you admission and you accepted it, then you had to ensure that your undergrad school sent an official transcript after you actually completed your degree. If this was not done, your admission would be canceled.

    I agree that you should e-mail or call the school and ask for a clarification.
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