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Admissions Can you guys who got admitted post their "Why <univ>" essays

  1. Jun 19, 2016 #1
    Hello PhysicsForum Community,
    I know the questions seems to be weird but can you guys who have been admitted to MiT,STanford,etc,care to upload their "Why I" or "Why this ,<univ> is for me" essay" (if guys have a copy with you) because country I belong to have a different education than one here.In my country everything of admission process depends on the merit(ranks/score) unlike american universities where the account for every dimension of an applicant(in US, universities ask for recommendation letter which in my country are considered a bad practice and asking for letter is looked down upon)

    So i am unused to this,I already googled a lot of stuff on this but after going through all of that I am still unable to write a decent essay ,and I think maybe I will be able to write better if I analyze example(essays of you guys)
    Secondly,this essays are my best bet other than scores because all these years in our edu. system we have been rigged to focus on study and axing out 95+ marks ..no extra curricular,etc...(my mind becomes blank when they ask for hobbys or extra curriculars) and even now I can't afford to do much extra-curriculars

    I hope you guys understand my predicament and see this question as a genuine call for help rather than asking for material for spoon-feeding
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