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Automotive Question about single track model

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    Hello guys,

    I've been doing some simulink modelling about a study that's been ongoing for a while , I've used the single track model to see the yaw rate and sideslip for the given steering angle input ,
    But as you know single track model makes the assumption of vehicle velocity as constant. Now the question is , what if I don't assume this velocity to be a constant value and want to see the yaw rate and sideslip wrt to the steering input and the given velocity profile ( for ex , vehicle accelerates from 15 m/s to 25 m/s and decelerates to same velocity linearly again.)

    If you have some opinions , I appreciate .Thanks.
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    can anybody help me ? ?
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    The single track model was designed to model vehicle lateral dynamic, therefore you would miss something, e.g. the vehicle longitudinal dynamic. But I think in this way you will understand how the vehicle lateral dynamic changes with the speed, as example it will change the vehicle yaw damping.
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