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Question about Thanks counter

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    Question about "Thanks" counter


    I notice that there is a counter at the top right hand side of the page which tells me how many messages I have, how many posts I've made and something labeled "Thanks." What does "Thanks" mean? I assume it means that someone thanked me for something. How do I determine what that was and who made it? I'd like to know what I'm doing that's appreciated enough to post a thank you for so that I can do more of it plus be able to say your welcome. I was taught good manners. :)
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    I don't really get why people can't see who thanked them. I think it's nice to know who's thanking me.
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    Thank you. I took a look at that thread and didn't see an explanation of how to determine what it is that I'm being thanked for. I'd like to know so that I can make sure I keep doing it. :)
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    You can click on "Thanks" in the top right corner. This will take you to your profile page. Then click on the page "thanks" and you'll see a list of all posts that have been thanked. So there you can see which posts specifically got a thanks.
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