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Copying equations from a locked thread...

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    In the above locked thread, in the first message on top there are equations I'd like to copy into a new message. By using reply, I can copy the codes and re post it.. but since I couldn't reply to the locked thread.. how do I copy the equations? I don't know how to manually type them. Thanks.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Do you really, really want to restart a locked thread? That sounds to me like a terrible idea.
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    No. The person thought I understood the equations. I just wanted to repost the equations to ask about them. It's locked for other reasons and not because of the equations.
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    Right-click -> Show Math As -> TeX commands.

    You should ask @PeterDonis before you open a new thread about the same topic.
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    I tried.. but when posting it, it displays as

    \Psi_0 = \left( a_1 \vert u_1 \rangle + b_1 \vert d_1 \rangle \right) \left( a_2 \vert u_2 \rangle + b_2 \vert d_2 \rangle \right) \vert R_1, R_2 \rangle \vert O_{R1}, O_{R2} \rangle

    what command to put it so it displays in equation forms?
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    Thanks.. so the secret of secrets is the doube # command.. that displays it back... been figuring this out for weeks..

    ## \Psi_0 = \left( a_1 \vert u_1 \rangle + b_1 \vert d_1 \rangle \right) \left( a_2 \vert u_2 \rangle + b_2 \vert d_2 \rangle \right) \vert R_1, R_2 \rangle \vert O_{R1}, O_{R2} \rangle##

    ##\rightarrow \Psi_1 = \left( a_2 \vert u_2 \rangle + b_2 \vert d_2 \rangle \right) \left( a_1 \vert u_1 \rangle \vert U_1, R_2 \rangle \vert O_{U1}, O_{R2} \rangle + b_1 \vert d_1 \rangle \vert D_1, R_2 \rangle \vert O_{D1}, O_{R2} \rangle \right)##

    \rightarrow \Psi_2 = a_1 a_2 \vert u_1 \rangle \vert u_2 \rangle \vert U_1, U_2 \rangle \vert O_{U1}, O_{U2} \rangle + a_1 b_2 \vert u_1 \rangle \vert d_2 \rangle \vert U_1, D_2 \rangle \vert O_{U1}, O_{D2} \rangle \\ + b_1 a_2 \vert d_1 \rangle \vert u_2 \rangle \vert D_1, U_2 \rangle \vert O_{D1}, O_{U2} \rangle + b_1 b_2 \vert d_1 \rangle \vert d_2 \rangle \vert D_1, D_2 \rangle \vert O_{D1}, O_{D2} \rangle##
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