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Question about what schedule pipe I should use for slackline

  1. Jun 19, 2017 #1
    HI All,

    I'm currently working on getting some anchors built for a slackline. These will be in ground and have removeable pipes to be hidden when not in use. I talked to my father who was an engineer for the better part of 40 years to get an initial design and parts list. I've posted what he drew up.

    The fabricator has pushed back saying schedule 160 is overkill, which it very may well be, and we should consider just using schedule 40 but I'd rather be safe than sorry. These anchors are being place on either side of a pool, built in with the deck so failure would be more costly than just replacing anchors + pipe.

    With this design, and a ~3' rise out of the ground of pipe, slickline connected at about 6" from the top. The total load on the line can range from about 500 lbs of force to about 1800 lbs of force for a single user. If multiple users that might increase upwards to 3000lbs of force depending on the preload of the line.

    What would you suggest to use for the type of pipe for both the anchor sleeve and mounting pipe that get inserted into the anchor?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Thread closed for Moderation...
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Sorry, but due to liability reasons, we cannot help you with that project. The thread will remain closed.

    You and your parents should also contact your home insurance carrier to discuss adding extra liability coverage for your slackline. It most likely is not covered by the standard home policy, especially if you will be allowing guests to use it.
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