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Question: photon analogs for strong and weak forces

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    I was wondering if someone could answer these questions?

    It is obvious that the forces due to electromagnetics are due to the transfer of photons. What particles are responsible for the strong and weak forces in the nuclei? Are they massless like photons (which would imply that they travel at c)? Are there any ideas why they are so strong at very short distances and so weak at long distances? Thanks in advance.
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    The strong force is carried by massless particles called gluons, while the weak force is carried by massive particles called W and Z bosons. The weak force is short-range because the particles that carry it are sufficiently massive to decay into pairs of particles quickly. The strong force is short-range due to an effect caused by the ability of gluons to interact with each other.
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    Addind to what Parlyne has told you, i urge you to read our very own Elementary Particles Presented Thread

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    Thank you very much. I will.
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