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This is not a homework problem.

I am given the equation of two lines at different temperature gradients for (suction line temp,suction line pressure) => (x,y)
At outdoor temp 95*F; y=.41667x+54.1667
At outdoor temp 85*F; y=.4231x+50.3846

I need to find suction line pressure for 72*F temp (72,y) at 92*F outdoor temp

I believe the method is cross linear interpolation, how do i do this??

Methodology needed, i can handle the calculations. This was the closest I've found to a method, but the notation is confusing and I can't get it to work:

please and thank you


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I believe this means interpolating the x coefficient and the constant separately to get the equation for 92°F.

I did not check the reference.
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