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Question related to deductive logic

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    Hello everyone:

    a) I went to job interview and took a quiz, one question is related to deductive logic.

    The question goes like this, "People love the lovers, Romeo loves Juliet, I love you. Please use deductive logic to prove the relation."

    I don't know what deductive logic is, so I answered something probably not right. Could someone tell me how to prove the relation using deductive logic?

    b) If you know good online resources that explain logic theory in plain English or some online resources provide interview questions involved logical/mathematical theory please share with me. I appreciate your help!

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    See here:
    http://members.aol.com/wutsamada2/crithink/wilson10.htm [Broken]
    and here:

    The premises of a valid deductive argument guarantee the truth of the conclusion. If the premises are true, the conclusion cannot be false.
    This does not mean that the conclusion of a deductive argument is necessarily or certainly true, as is often suggested. The conclusion of a deductive argument is certain only in circumstances in which the premises are certain.
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    are you sure this is how the question was stated (exactly)?
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    That's way too ambiguous to answer. What relation?
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    Unless your name is Romeo, you don't want to work for the fool who came up with this question. :-p
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    Probably the last one ( "You love me" ).

    Since Romeo loves Juliet, Romeo is a lover.
    So, everyone loves Romeo.
    So, everyone is a lover.
    So, everyone loves everyone.
    So, I love you and you love me.

    Thats a happy end!
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    Lovely, just lovely. :)
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