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I [Question] Tell me the latest catching news about black holes

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    Thank you for opening this thread.

    I am strongly interested in the universe, especially black hole.
    Though I am only eighteen years old, the more I read books about a black hole, the more my interest is getting powerful.

    Therefore, I want to know the latest and exciting news about black holes.
    If you have, please feel free to post it.

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    Hi, BlackholeGirl, I would suggest you search for e.g. "black hole news" on this forum (search button is on the upper right side on the forum page), and you could also search for "black hole" on e.g. the news site phys.org. (a search example is here).

    EDIT: And here is a thread with more links to science/physics news sites:

    EDIT 2: Bonus: and here is a post which may interest you, even though it's not fresh news:
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    Thank you, Mr./Ms. DennisN
    They are very helpful:)
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    The LIGO "Chirp" was pretty exciting news... What can you tell us about it? :smile:
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    That sounds like an interesting project. it's new to me.
    I don't get the bit about physically transporting data between the sites using disks or whatever flown on aircraft.
    Cannot see how this could be useful instead of normal data transmission.
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    I didn't understand it either, but I believe it is a LOT of data, and some of it at the South Pole, where they needed to wait for favorable weather conditions to transport it.

    Perhaps it's too much data to send wirelessly, or perhaps some of the sites don't have good wireless connections. I have no idea why they went that route.
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