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Computer Questions about building a computer

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    I'm currently building a new computer. A little quick background, it will be mainly used for internet and some gaming. I don't really care about using the highest resolution on the games, I just want decent resolution, decent sound and a high frame rate. I'm also trying to do it for as little $$ as possible. I plan on stealing as much hardware from my current computer as possible.

    My first question came up today when I was out shopping for a mobo. After I told the salesman that I was planning on using my current hard drive, he asked me what operating system I was using. Windows 7. He then told me that I couldn't just transfer the hard drive because windows 7 binds to the mobo.

    So was he right? Or was he just trying to upsell, as I noticed he had done at several other times. I no longer have the cd for windows 7 (not sure if I ever did). Or is there some way around this, without buying a new operating system?
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    Thank you. Perfect answer to my question. It was pre-installed so apparently it is an OEM version.
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    You can buy an OEM version of Windows 7 for around $100, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

    If you give us an idea of your budget we can help you choose some decent hardware. Also take a look at www.maximumpc.com (for hardware reviews and computer build articles) and www.newegg.com (for hardware).
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    The "Steam" hardware forums are a great place to get advice for gaming rigs. However, they'll want to know exactly what parts you have currently and how much you are willing to spend. Its pretty pointless talking in vague generalities for days on end and answering one question at a time.
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    If you change the hardware more than set amount (i think it's 3 changes), Windows 7 will detect this, and believe that it has been "pirated" onto a different computer by hard drive cloning. It will then produce nag messages every now and again, but will continue to run. You can call your OEM to get a new code for it, or you can ignore the message and carry on.

    Legally, whatever ever Microsoft says, even though they will will want you to buy a new licence, you are OK as long as it's still a computer *upgrade* and not actually just copying it onto a new machine. (You bught it, you upgrade the computer, you're still entitled to use it). If they try to set anyone on you, just tell them "see you in court" and that's the last you will hear from them.

    Or you could believe their salesmen and pay them another $100. That's up to you. They do a lot of naughty things to maintain their monopoly and this is one of them.
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