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Questions about the GI Foundry?

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    Hi :smile:

    All the below Questions are related to the GI Foundry. Please clear my doubts.

    1. What does the "GI" stand for in a "GI foundry" which is otherwise known as Ferrous Foundry?

    2. What is the 'Sintering Cycle" of an induction furnace?

    3. What is the difference between swarf and scrap?

    4. What is a band saw cutting machine?

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    GI = Gießerei-Institut (GI) der RWTH Aachen

    Gießerei-Institut = Foundry Institute

    Most of the research seems to be involved in casting of metals, i.e. from liquid to solid.

    Sintering might refer to ceramics or powder metals, and the sintering cycle would refer to the time during with the heating takes place - from heat up through soak time to cooldown/quench.

    Swarf = turnings, chips, or filings, are shavings and chippings of metal — the debris or waste resulting from metalworking operations. Swarf can be recycled.

    Scrap also includes waste besides Swarf and defective parts or broken pieces of parts. Basically scrap/swarf can be remelted and put back in the stream. Care must be taken to ensure that scrap/swarf is 'clean', i.e., free of cutting/machining fluids.

    A band saw uses a continuous blade/ribbon or band, hence the name band saw.

    The benefit of the band saw is a straight cut (as opposed to a circular saw) and continuous direction of the teeth (as opposed to a jigsaw with alternating direction of teeth).
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    Thanks a Million!
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