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Questions about the X-Fi Auzentech Prelude sound card.

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    I was hoping to buy a good sound card. Someone on this forum told me to get an X-FI Auzentech Prelude. I was going to buy an X-Fi Fatal1ty card, but was worried because the PCIe 1x slot is too close to my graphics card, which gets over 100 *C under heavy load. The PCI slot is located a good few inches away from my GPU. From the looks of it, the Auzentech Prelude appears to use a PCI slot. Judging from the appearance of the connectors. The only problem is, is that I cannot find this card being sold at any store. Do I have to buy it off the internet? The store I bought my computer from, "Fry's Electronics," does not sell this sound card. I would probably have to look at different stores to see if they sell it.

    Is Auzentech Prelude better than the Fatal1ty X-Fi cards as someone on another forum claimed? Here is a photo of the inside of my Gateway FX 6710-01 gaming desktop. Notice the PCI slot is at the bottom of the case, and wouldn't get cooked by the enormous heat from the GPU. The PCIe 1x slot is directly underneath the GPU. It isn't visible in the photo.

    I have a Foxconn G33 motherboard.

    http://images.tigerdirect.ca/SKUimages/enhanced/G180-6710-call06-pact.jpg [Broken]

    Just a question, but I have a 5.1 sound system which is about Four-Five years old, that I used with my old computer. Would they still be compatible with my new sound card?
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