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Quick question about Stafford loans

  1. Mar 26, 2009 #1
    I am analyzing my payment options for my last year of college and I just wanted to confirm this:

    You do not have to make payments for your undergrad Stafford loans if you are enrolled as a full-time student in a PhD program--right? In other words, interest may accumulate, but I would not be required to actually pay anything until I get my graduate degree.
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  3. Mar 27, 2009 #2
    Anyone? I'm sure there's someone who took loans as an undergrad and then went to grad school around here...
  4. Mar 27, 2009 #3
    For my government subsidized loans (including stafford), being in a grad program full time means that the government is required to pay the interest during that time. I believe there is a law passed that requires this, but check with your undergraduate office of financial aid to make sure.
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