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Quick question with regards to self-study

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    I am curious as to which disciplines of mathematics should I focus on before pursuing my degree in Astrophysics?

    Quick background on myself: I have spent the last 9 years in the Air Force working as a linguist. I have about 18 months left before my service commitment ends. I am putting together a self-study program for myself in order to have a solid foundation of knowledge before beginning my studies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    one variable calculus, severel variable calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra.
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    Check the course outline for the degree program you want to take. Then go to a used text book site and get your hands on the books in that course. Make sure you are able to get work books and supplements that have the answers worked out. In that way you can go over the same problems over and over again and understand the underlying patterns.

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    I'd also throw in complex analysis and differential equations; both are extremely useful if you want to do any sort of physics.
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