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Radian and Degree with Graphing Calculator

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    Hello everyone,

    I use a TI-83 Plus and I'd like to know if there is a quick way to convert an angle from radian to degree and vice versa. I am not referring to multiplying by (pi/180) or (180/pi).

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    hit mode, it's at the top next to the 2nd button, and switch from radian to degree.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I actually wanted to ask whether the graphing calculator can convert a number to either radians or degrees. For example, if I typed in 145, would it be possible to press a few buttons to get the equivalent radian measure?
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    You have already mentioned one way of doing it, and matticus posted another. Here's another way: Divide by 57.3 (approx.). [This is essentially the same as multiplying by pi/180]
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    If your mode is set to radians

    type in your angle in degrees and then go to angle -> the degree symbol and I think it outputs the answer in radians

    If your mode is set to degrees

    tyoe in your angle in radians to go to angle -> the radian symbol (little "r") and I think it outputs the answer in radians
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    Here's the "hard way"! To convert degrees to radians, set the mode to "degrees", and take the sine of the number. Now set the mode to "radians" and take the inverse sine!
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