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Homework Help: Radius of curvature usng: M/I= σ/Y = E/R

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    How do I use this formula to find the Radius of curvature?


    M/I= σ/Y = E/R (M = bending moment, I = second moment of aria, σ = stress, y = distance from nutral axia, E = modulus of elasticity & R = radius of curvature)


    In this question, I have all of the values except the radius of curvature, but I dont understand how to use this formula. If someone could rearrange the formula for me and post it, it would be much apriciated.

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    They are all equal to one another. But if you have to use them to solve anything, you need to use any pair of the equations. For example, I could use

    M/I = σ/y OR M/I=E/R
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