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Ranking question with different number of observations?

  1. Oct 1, 2011 #1
    I need to rank multiple "subjects" such as listing the "subjects" from best to worst. <--not sure if subject is the correct term.

    example: school A and school B

    school A has 10 students with an average score of 100%
    school B has 30 students with an average score of 98%

    which school would be better or ranked higher? Is there a formula i can apply?
    a formula that I can use when there are hundreds or thousands of schools?

    I feel that school B would be better... because there are more students?
    I was thinking of using a weighted formula such as: students x weight(70%) + scores(30%) = final score

    and then rank the schools from highest final score to lowest score

    but the use of weights would be subjective...is there another method that i may use?

    thank you
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